We connect the ideas from one of the largest creative community with the innovation needs of companies
About Us

We are a crowdsourcing platform that seeks to address companies’ innovative and marketing needs, connecting them with the best creative community.

We are conformed by a group of marketing professionals from both the client side and the agency side, worried about solving the needs of the current changing market that demands change in the way innovation and advertising are currently created.

Our proposal seeks to integrate diverse creative schemes, that are inclusive and agile, allowing us to involve customers and, likewise, provide the opportunity for creatives to solve challenges for important brands, be recognized by their talent and earn extra money with their creative proposal.

We are a new source of open innovation, we believe that there is a lot of talent ready to show its creative capacity and to achieve innovation synergies that solve the challenges of business and institutions.

How do we do it?

We approach companies to solve a specific innovation or marketing need, then interpret that need into an open challenge that is published on the platform and is ready for our creative community to participate.

The creatives of our community decide if they want to participate in this challenge, since each open entry project has its own rules and guidelines, once enrolled, they receive the requirements and contribute their ideas within the stipulated times. The winners are financially rewarded through the platform.

The company or brand has an idea which wants to run for their next campaign, they can decide to keep this idea or go to a second round where a community of professionals will execute it so that the company.

Cambio A for creatives:

If you are a creative person, waiting to contribute with your ideas and you want to be rewarded for them, Cambas is the ideal platform for you.

It’s simple to do it. Just click on the registration button, tell us some things about you so that we can find the best challenges according to your abilities and look for projects where you think you can contribute good ideas. Participate and earn money if you are a winner.

Cambio A for companies:

If you have a specific need, please fill out the form, tell us in a general way what it is about and we will contact you to translate your needs into an exciting contest that brings out the bet of our creative community.

If you’re just looking for inspiration or if you want a very specific idea, then use our bank of ideas, with thousand ideas ready to be used. You just have to become a member of the bank to access them.